Kituo cha Uhusiano wa Kimataifa cha Dkt. Salim Ahmed Salim


Historical Background of the Centre

The Mozambique-Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations, also formally known as Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR), is one of the higher learning institutions in Tanzania. The Centre was established in 1978 as a result of an agreement between the Governments of the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) and the Republic of Mozambique. The Centre has been incorporated in the Immunities and Privileges Act No. 5 (1986). This incorporation has conferred the Centre with a diplomatic status. The Centre’s primary function is to promote development, awareness and understanding of issues of International Relations at regional and international levels for practicing and emerging   professionals and the general public. The CFR is ever on the alert to learn from the international space and share innovative practices with all those involved in promoting international peace, understanding, security and good relations.


The Centre was originally designed to train the citizens of the two partner countries in the field of International Relations and Diplomacy. However, the expansion of foreign policy constituencies and increasing demands of each country to respond to global changes necessitated the Centre to admit students from other ministries, and the private sector including fresh students completing Advanced Level Secondary School education from within and outside Tanzania. The expanded role of and demand for economic diplomacy in the local and international arena made the Centre into an ideal place for many students and diplomats with diverse interests and who wanted to learn and specialise in the areas demand by their governments and indeed the private sector.  As a result, new programmes were introduced including: Economic Diplomacy, Foreign Languages, Strategic Studies and Communication Skills. With such growth, the Centre, has seven Departments running diverse courses to date. The Centre has also established a new centre in Dodoma, offering courses in Postgraduate Diploma programmes.